Palau Election Commission Board of Directors adopted a resolution removing “Central Polling Places” normally established in Koror.  The new policy applies to all the states except Koror and the outlying states.  The Resolution entitled “Removal of Central Polling Places” was adopted on March 19th.

In other words, all the Babeldaob States elections and polling places will be held into those states.  Only the states of Kayangel, Peleliu, Angaur, Sonsorol and Hatohobei will continue to have central polling place in Koror due to distance to each of these states.

In the public announcement issued by Palau Election Commission it said that improvements made to the road infrastructure and telecommunications have improved the functions of the Election Commission justifying the need to eliminate central polling places.

Discontinuing the use of central polling places “simplify election process, save costs and reduce the occurrence of irregularities caused by human error” stated the PEC announcement.  Furthermore, it will help to eliminate cases of “double voting” which occurs where there’s polling place at proper and at central.

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