Remnants of a large Chinese rocket are expected to streak back through the atmosphere coming weekend in an uncontrolled re-entry [File: China Daily via Reuters]

TARAWA,22 AUGUST 2022 (RADIO KIRIBATI) — The Chinese Embassy in Kiribati has clarified reports on the debris of a Chinese rocket reentering earth’s atmosphere.

A statement from the embassy said a Chinese rocket with satellite will be launched soon. The second stage of the rocket will reenter the atmosphere, of which the unburned debris, if any, is estimated to fall in the high seas of Pacific Ocean. The falling of the debris is extremely unlikely to damage the aviation. 

The Chinese civil aviation authority has sent reminders of aerospace flight activity to relevant countries including Kiribati.

It said almost three weeks ago in late July, the vast majority of the Long March-5 upper stage remnants have burned up during the reentry into the atmosphere. The debris fell into the Sulu Sea, close to the western Philippines. There was no harm to aviation activities or the ground.

China has all along pursued the peaceful use of outer space in accordance with international law and the international customary practice. The reentry of a rocket’s upper stage into the Earth’s atmosphere is an established international practice, implemented by many nations.

The competent authorities in China have been closely tracking the debris and releasing the orbital parametres of the rocket remnants on a daily basis, and sharing information in an open, transparent and timely manner to the international community…PACNEWS

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