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Japanese Assistant Secretary and International Press Division Director Naoaki Kamoshida told the Times that although the Pacific Climate Change Centre (PCCC) that is supported by Japan and New Zealand is built in Samoa, it could benefit the whole region.

Kamoshida said that the PCCC will serve as a regional center for climate change and disaster prevention measures in the Pacific which is prone to natural disasters.

“The center will play a key role in delivering capacity development in the region,” Kamoshida said.

Japan and New Zealand first announced their collaboration for the project in May 2018 during the seventh Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting (PALM7).

The construction of PCCC was funded by the $12.33 million grant aid from Japan and New Zealand. The facility will serve as a venue to develop capacity in climate change adaptation, mitigation, and project development among others.

According to a report by pmnnews.com, the center is expected to open this September. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)