“We are still living with COVID-19.  It’s not over.” reminded the Ministry of Health and Human Services.

After months of reporting the number of COVID cases in single digits, MHHS is now reporting double digits.  This slight spike in numbers is attributed partly to the relaxing of preventive measures in place.

Minister Uherbelau said that this follows a world trend that has seen surges, especially in the United States. 

The suspected strain of COVID-19 in Palau is the BA.5 Omicron due to its characteristics, said Minister Uherbelau.  One such characteristic is the high level of transmissibility.

MHHS reminds people who are not yet vaccinated to reduce their risks of getting seriously ill or dying by getting vaccinated.  “Not all people with COVID-10 show symptoms,” cautions MHHS, urging people to get vaccinated and to continue to practice preventive measures.

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