The National Emergency Committee has announced that the Civic Action Team, repatriated citizens coming from Taiwan, and 122 members of the Koa Moana Task Force have tested negative for COVID-19.
The repatriated citizens from Taiwan have completed their quarantine and have been reunited with their families.
While the new civic action team still need to get tested again for COVID-19 in order to be released from quarantine. The CAT turnover ceremony is scheduled for July 30th.
As for the Koa Moana Task Force, 69 of the 122 are going to be deployed to Peleliu so they start repair of the Peleliu airfields. The remaining 59 will stay on board the USNS City of Bismark.
Additionally, to minimize their movements, the service members will either just be at the vessel or be at the area that they are working on.
Citizens and local contractors are advised to not make close contact with them. Once the 14 days have past, then they will be tested again for COVID-19. If they are negative, then they will continue their work.
In the event there is a positive case among the service members or if one becomes ill, the NEC mentioned that the Koa Moana have a robust medical plans in place including isolation and evacuation procedures.

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