COVID restrictions are expected to ease up by next week with the release of the new directive from the Ministry of Health expected on Monday.  Minister Gaafar Uherbelau said some restrictions will be eased but they don’t expect to do away with masking entirely.

Based on the declining number of COVID cases, the Ministry of Health and Human Services is also reporting that it will be scaling down some of the COVID activities, including closing COVID testing site and the COVID Care Center on Wednesdays.

Community COVID vaccination points (PODS) will be closed.   Vaccines will be administered at Public Health CCHC, across from Koror Elementary School.  People needing booster shots can call this office to schedule appointments for vaccination.

Minister Uherbelau said that the easing of restrictions will start with the community and by April 1st, EOC will be addressing travel restrictions. 

The trend as predicted by CDC experts has been steadily declining for new cases as well as hospitalizations.  As of yesterday, there were 8 new cases, 8 recovered, 296 active cases, no hospitalizations, and no deaths.

Ministry of Health and Human Services also held its last broadcasted COVID situation update yesterday.  Minister Uherbelau said the program may resume should the situation change.

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