Ke kmal mesaul era techall el mora rechad era beluu el sebechir el kuk ocholt a uldesiur lokiu tial shinbun el ngii a siraber a klemerang el ngii a ultuil er ngii a betok el chad er a ekau ma beluulechad. Elechal sils a mle Senate hearing era Mr. Ngiraibelas Tmetuchel el mo minister er sel merael chisel el ministry el blebelel a chetengakl el President Whipps. Ulekum a re Senators el mlar sel hearing a mle olab a ungil omesuub ma keltmokl el babier el kirel tial beches el ministry meng mle sebechir el oker a tmolech el ker el uai a Senator Sengebau ma Senator Tabelual. Ulekum me tirkal terung el senators a mle sebechir loker a ker el mor sel techel a tekoi, er elechal taem eng betok el chad a oker er ngii le tial covid a mla ochotii a klitechetul a keizai era Belau.

Senator Tabelual a uleker ra uldesuel a Mr. Tmetuchl kirel a strategy er ngii bedul tial beches el ministry. Ma appointee a mlo mesaod el kirel a ureor lobengkel a PVA ma ureor lobengkel a MOE. Ng di, dimlak el henji ra ker el uase ngeral rael malechub eng teletael al bo louspech er ngii el mo melisiich ra ministry. Dirrek el dimlak lochotii sel osengel ra ureor el mo oltaut a ureor ra ministry. Ng sebeched el uase a ngidil beches el Minister a mo oureor lobengkel aikal bekbedengel a agencies. Ng di, sel osengel ra rael/teletael a klou a belkul.

Tial loldubech ra llmuut el open ra Belau el mo rar okiak, ea PVA Chairman (appointee) a milekoi el uase a rechad ra Taiwan a kmal betok el sorir el ngar omerael el tuobed ra Taiwan, me te ngmasch ra skoki e suebek el mora Huriping el di mo omes ra beluu eng di diak el bol kerd ra beluu e llmuut el mora Taiwan. Ma tekingel el uase ng klou a rechad el sorir el mei ra Belau sel Summer ng di Agents ra Taiwan a medakt ra safety rar okiak er tir, ng kor a diak a kmal omesubel el melisiich aikal tekoi. Ngar ker a omesuub el louchais el uase a rechad ra Taiwan a sorir el mei ra Belau, ea lemei ng sebecherir el mo klou ludoud a louspech er ngii ra chelsel Belau el mora rechad ra Beluu? (uldimukl er tir a rechad ra chert, omenged, ma bebil). Sel bo dungil lomes er ngii, ar okiak ra Taiwan tirkel diak el sal kmal mengoit ra klou el udoud ra chelsel Belau. A douspech er tir le te harau ea kombalii a sebechel harau a belsiir el loruurt ra siobai er tir. Ng di te diak el tirekel mengoit ra klou ludoud mel sebechel a siobai el mo klou a moker re tir. Me a ulekum a Mr. Tmetuchl a mo oiuie tial rungulam e bol beusch osengel ra sel tekoi el uase “Know Your Customer”.

Senator Sengebau reminded the nominee who he needs to answer to at the end of the day. A Mr. Tmetuchl a ungil medengei el kirel ngar ngii a “checks and balances”. Ng di se ra Senator Sengebau a loker rngii el uase te kmal telang el okiak a ungil nambang el mei ra Belau, ea henji rngii el Chairman ra PVA a ulbult el mora supporter ngii e kmul kmo “ng bai ungil a ker lebora Jennifer Koskelin mel henji er ngii”. Meng diak dodengei el uase ngera klaumendgei ra supporter er ngii el kirel ar okiak el mei. Ngdi a Chair ra PVA el mla mo chedei el rrak a kirel sebechel smodii a okurullel a tourism er belau e chotutii sel tekoi el uase “a kot ar chad er Belau”.

A dou sengk a sulir ar chad ra Olbiil Era Kelulau el mlo sebechel tial beches el Ministry el mokbedubch el di uai a kombalii: Ngar ngii a Human Resource (Bureau of Labor), ma olsiseb a udoud (Bureau of Tourism), ma omekdubch a keikak (Economic Development). Mal sebechel ng kel mor tial beches el ministry a mo mebii a rael mo rar ngeask el chad ra siobai ma tourism el loldubch er sel tekoi “a kot ar chad ra Belau” e olngeseu er til el mo chellimosk, e choldubch a tabesul teletael a om sechal malechub e ke redil. A omerael bedul ruchei a kirel lultuil ra omesubel a tekoi, ngdiak el di luldasu el merekong.

A de di meluluuch el mor bab el uase tirekal Senators a mor ngii a techelir el lmuut el mo okerir el mei e kmal mo ungil llomes aikel blal ruul ra chelsel a dart el sils er ngii el Minister.


Dear Editor,

I thank you for giving the community the opportunity to share a perspective which many of your readers believe. Today was the hearing for Mr. Tmetuchel to become Minister of the President’s dream Ministry. Ulekum ar Senators a sebecherir el oker a meral ker el uai a Senator Sengebau ma Tabelual, e ulekum tirkal terung a sebecherir el lomolm a keriir el mor sel techel a tekoi. Te kora di sel tekoi el uasei “only scratching the surface”.

Senator Tabelual asked what Mr. Tmetuchel thought the strategy for the new ministry will be. While the nominee mentioned valuable tactics like working with PVA and working with MOE there was no response by him as to the path to achieving the outcomes of the new ministry. We can safely assume that any new Minister will work closely with other agencies. It’s the how that matters. When Mr. Tmetuchel advocated re-opening as PVA Chairman claiming that people from Taiwan have pent up demand for travel to get out, so much so they pay to get on planes to just see beautiful destinations in the PI and return without having landed in those destinations.
In today’s hearing Mr. Tmetuchel suggested that the demand will open up during the Summer and the issue is that Taiwan agents are still very concerned for their customers safety around COVID. So which is it? Where is the data that shows Taiwan has pent up demand to travel and how many of these travelers are the high value tourists who will spend money in communities? Traditionally, Taiwan customers are not the targeted high value customers but rather they are the proverbial keep the lights on customers. Customers to keep because they help pay the operational expenses of your hotel but they are not money-making customers.

We hope Mr. Tmetuchel will read this opinion letter and be reminded of the fundamentals of Marketing: Know Your Customer.

Senator Sengebau reminded the nominee who he needs to answer to at the end of the day. Mr. Tmetuchel understands that there needs to be checks and balances. However, when Sengebau asked Mr. Tmetuchel how many visitors are the right number of visitors the Chairman of PVA turned to his supporters and said that is a better question for Jennifer Koskelin to answer. While we don’t know what credentials his supporter has on the matter it is concerning that a 3 year veteran of the PVA could not speak about how to grow tourism in the spirit of a kot ar chad er Belau.

The OEK deserves our thanks for making this new Ministry which is set up just like a company – it has Human Resource (Bureau of Labor), a Revenue Maker (Bureau of Tourism) and a product development arm (Economic Development). If only the President could have a candidate who has run a successful company. As with all things execution will determine how successful this Ministry will be. Will they inform their decisions based on facts rather or just hearsay?

We pray to the almighty God that these new Senators have a second chance to dig into what Mr. Tmetuchel is doing after his first 100 days. (Contributed)

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