Jeff left his hometown after high school graduation to go to college. He declined the basketball scholarship but didn’t tell anyone his reason that kept everyone bewildered. QHe said goodbye to his family, his friends and his girlfriend, Karen. After seven years out there away from home he thought of his girlfriend. He bought a ring went back home to propose. From the airport, he hired a taxi cab and went straight to his girlfriend’s house only to find out that she is marrying his best friend. Actually the taxi driver tried telling about the wedding but he was too self-absorbed he couldn’t hear anything or anyone.

He ran out, rushed to the dock and hired a boat to see his father. He found out that his father lived like hobo after his wife (Jeff’s mother) died. Two angry men on an island was like a war zone. Afraid to feel their pain, they lashed out at each other. He ran out again back to the mainland to his grandmother. His grandmother said to him in the course of discussion, “Jeff you have built a wall around your heart keeping everyone out.” He got so angry and defensive. He ran out of his grandmother’s and bought a house just to keep his sanity. He ran into a childhood friend, Sharon, a sister of his friend who married his girlfriend. She invited him to coach a girls basketball team. He did. Their friendship blossomed into something else but Jeff denied his feelings and rejected Sharon. (Remember ~~ Hurting people hurt people).

A few months later his best friend, Jerry got ill and was at the hospital dying. Sharon asked Jeff to go see him. Jeff said, “I can’t.”

“Jeff, all Jeremy wants is for you to forgive him. So please go see him.”

“I can’t.” Jeff retorted angrily.

Sharon snapped at him, “Jeff GET OVER YOURSELF!”

Three words that flew into him like fire bullets. He realized he’s been too self absorbed, too selfish and entitled. Jeremy saw his best friend and died that evening.

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