By: L.N. Reklai

July 11, 2017 (Ngerulmud, Palau) Former President Kuniwo Nakamura said that the most alarming issue Palau faces is its declining population. In his address to the Senators at the opening day of the Third Regular Session of this 10th Congress, he stated that something must be done to stem the tide of Palau’s declining population.


“Find out why the population is declining, is it due to higher deaths and lower birth rate, is it out migration, is it limited job opportunities, is it low wages, whatever it is, do  something about it,” stressed Nakamura.

Former President Nakamura, invited to address the Senate, was requested to address economic issues and give his recommendations.

Nakamura stated that policy is developed for people. He said that he was alarmed when he found out that the total population of people living in Palau is little over 17,000 and out of that 17,000, 12,000 plus are Palauans and the 4,000 plus were contract workers representing 27% of total population.

There is an obvious decline in population and if lawmakers, President and the rest of Palau leadership do not do anything to reverse this trend, Palauans will lose control of their country to foreigners.

“Once this canoe capsizes, can we bring it up again” stated Nakamura, referring to losing control of Palau to others.

He urged law makers to make policies that would help weakest Palauan, to create equal freedom for all so that it Palau can be attractive for our people to return to. He recommended a new and updated economic development plan that is comprehensive and takes into account all sectors of the community.

If nothing is done, than Palauans will surely lose control of their country to other nationalities. [/restrict]