Harsh reality is better than false hope.

Do you ever feel like you’ll never  change? Are you stuck in the grip of a negative emotion? Do you want to get rid of self destructive habit and develop a new healthy habit but you just can’t seem to get it?

Changing the way we think from self-loathing (and self-pity or entitlement) to self-compassion and love of self is available if you want it. It’s really up to you.  It’s a warfare in the mind: the old grain that is easier for you to fall into against  the new train of thought of truth and love.  You are able to create new neural pathways (in the brain). I call “Delibch-e-beab.” Ke dibechii a rolel a uldesuem el mo mimokl ra ikel tekoi ma omeruul el rirellau me ngmo mekngit a rengum as if you were nobody’s child. Renewing the mind with truth is healing: “You are a child of God. You’re loved.” This process is not an event.  It’s a journey.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made with the ability to create new neural pathways in the brain, allowing healing to bring peace to your soul. Change your train of thought.  I practiced this process to stop smoking. “Oh please God walk with me in the  “I don’t need nicotine” pathways in my head.” It’s the same way I did when I started to  walk in the path to forgive those who bullied and wounded my heart.

 Entitlement is the enemy to your freedom.  “No one owes me anything” is the truth that will set me free from these toxic thoughts of resentment, bitterness and unforgiveness. We even forgive those who are dead and gone.  Everything you need to find freedom from toxicity is within you.  The All Powerful God won’t do it for you without your consent. To access the powers within begins by choosing to throw out the garbage el mla mo bedeng ma bekebau el klengoes. Garbage attract rats, cockroaches, maggots and buzzing flies keeping you restless and angry, bitter and resentful. You need to make room for new things like love, peace, and joy.  Sometimes you just need to forgive the ones who are dead. This is all for your freedom not for them. We can do this with the help of Jesus.  I see the reason behind his words,  “Ask and you will be given, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened…”  Matthew 7:7.  Jesus didn’t say these things just to sound lyrical. In all things we ask, seek  and knock on doors of heaven until you get it. He’s a  real  kind and generous gentleman.  He respects his creation. He thinks very highly of you and he waits for you to make the first move.  I have come to trust his word and experience his abounding love and grace just for asking. I have even come to appreciate when the answer is NO or WAIT. 

Forgiveness is incomplete without grieving. We grieve our  childhood that was lived as if we were a bother to our caregivers  rather than celebrated by virtue of the fact that we existed.  Carl Jung puts it this way– “The most damaging to children is the unlived life of their parents.”

 Listen to yourself when you speak. Do you speak love or do you speak bitterness and hate? Do you blame others or do you take responsibility for your own life?  Do you complain or do you delight in the fact that you are alive? 

God calls us to be his divine partner. Thus you are never alone in this. To redeem yourself is to do to others what you want done unto us.

There simply is nothing like the beauty of redemption, the healing of the human heart and life.

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