Light Up the Streets campaign against drunk driving marks 13th year of Dewill to Live Campaign. Photo credit: Dewill2Live Facebook page

Marking the 13th year of Dewill To Live campaign with reminders and candlelight vigils, families, friends, community members, once again, came together to remind everyone of the high cost of drinking alcohol and driving.
Signs urging people not drink and drive lined Ernguul Road from the site of DeWill monument to downtown Koror, reminding them this holiday season not to be careless about consuming alcohol and getting behind a wheel of a vehicle.
The family of DeWill Reklai, a high school student that lost his life to a drunk driver 3 days before Christmas 14 years ago, come out year after year, painful as it is to them, to remind people of the high cost of drunk driving.
This reminder comes at a time when lots of celebrations involving alcohol is taking place all over the island. Palau being COVId-free, people are not restricted in their movements within the country and celebrations all over the island began early starting with government agencies Christmas parties.
Number of car accidents have been occurring more frequently, starting as early as November. Within the first two weeks of December, there were nearly daily car accidents in Koror and Babeldaob, sometimes multiple accidents in day. On the 26th of December around 6pm, a 3-car accident occurred on top of KB Bridge causing a traffic jam on both sides of the bridge. Police report did not state whether alcohol was involved but fortunately no serious injuries were reported.
Accidents early in a week though had injuries with one young man suffering punctured lung and broken ribs as result.
The Dewill to Live campaign’s theme this year, “Light Up the Streets” urges everyone to remember “Not to Drink and Drive”, that “Drunk Driving Kills” and “Friends don’t let Friends Drive Drunk.” It reminds that “Life is not a game, don’t drive drunk.”

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