Australia Shadow Foreign Minister Simon Birmingham at the launch of Tamanu and Tupaia, the automation programs for MHHS.

Ministry of Health and Human Services launched the remaining components of the hospital digital system, Project Olangch, funded by the Australian government to automate key hospital services.

The launch of the Tamanu and Tupaia programs was witnessed by the Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong and the Shadow Foreign Minister Simon Birmingham last week.

The Tamanu program covers patient care, tracking patients, prioritizing services, dispensing medicines, correlating patient information, and maintaining patient records.  Tupaia collects data, analyzes, and provides reports for different purposes, with the goal of providing data for informed decision-making.

“We have been using the system for a month now,” explained Dr. Ngirachisau Mekoll, Director of the Bureau of Hospital Services.  “We’ve inputted back two years, but we still need to do more.  Meantime, the system is working, and training is ongoing.  Not all the components of the system are fully utilized because we are still developing policies on information access, for example. “

Australian opposition Shadow Minister of Foreign Affairs Simon Birmingham congratulated Palau for the achievement of automating its hospital services, noting that Palau and Australia work together to achieve practical solutions to shared challenges.

In August of this year, the asset management component of the MHHS automated system was launched.  This handles asset management, from ordering to dispensing of stocks, stock management, and reporting.

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