Display of Art and Visual expression, a 4-day exhibit, a first of its kind in Palau, is dedicated to late Dave Ngirailemsang, a young talented Palauan artist who tragically passed away early this year.

Dave Ngirailemsang received his MFA (Master for Art degree) at the University of Washington.  After studying art abroad and moving back home to Palau, he dedicate his time teaching art at Mindszenty high school.

“The event is very nice and well set up. I very much enjoyed it” said Jenny (not her real name)

“It’s too bad we can’t buy his artwork, it is amazing” said a disappointed buyer wanting to purchase Dave’s art.

Three of Dave Ngirailemesang’s art work were put on display at the exhibit, a portrait of himself, his niece and his uncle. All artworks were lent by his sister and will be returned after the event.

“He had always wanted to this, I had spoken with him about it before, but due to covid-19 it was put on hold” said Elsei Tellei 

Elsei Tellei and Isykl Yano had addressed the idea and Koror State through MCCA were able to sponsor the event.

Along with displays of Dave’s artwork, eleven (11) other artists displayed their artwork today including Miss Independence Kaneolani Foy’s artwork.

Artwork displayed were by Simeon Adelbai, Ignatio “Vins” Akiwo, Miel Sequeira-Holm, Joselita “Ado” Imetuer, Maecey Jenkins, Holly Nolan, Ngirachermang “Erm” Polloi, Bernardino Rdulaol, Richard “Rich” Silmai , Iesha Klamiokel Tulop, Keiza Ungiang Tulop, Wilbur “Olu” Williams, Kaneolani Foy and lastly Roman Ray Omengkar.

All these people have displayed artworks inspired by culture, foreign places and people in their lives.

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