Despite the slight delay in time, the Independence Day fireworks show went off without a hitch making it a successful one this year.

In the ‘Lachang (Btelulachang) area alone, there were line of cars along the causeway passed Mobil station all the way to the dock with people inside waiting for the fireworks to go. Also along the entire Meyuns Causeway (Didall), line of cars were parked along the shoulders watching as well.

People enjoyed the fireworks, recording it on their phones and sharing all over social media. The fireworks lasted for little less than an hour and after that people started making their way home.

Prior to the fireworks show, people were a little worried when they found out the location of was to be in the center of downtown, front of Palau National Communication Corporation.

Some were a little worried about the possibility of a firework landing on one of the buildings located in the area.  However, Secretariat of the Independence Day Celebration Melson Miko assured that it was safe and would not harm anyone.

Many pictures and videos of the fireworks have been posted in social media.

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