An art exhibition showcasing artworks from various Palauan artists was unveiled during the Independence Day celebration.

The art displayed in the exhibition came in a variety of medium’s such as woodcarvings, paintings, and pencil drawings.

Some of the artwork displayed showcased Palauan aesthetics. One of the artists, Wilbur Williams took inspiration from old Palauan stories such as “Meduuribtal” and “Surech ma Tulei” then incorporated it into his artwork.

Others focused on precision and detail. Three of Dave Ngirailemesang’s portraits were displayed in the art exhibition. Done in black and white as well as color, the 3 portraits were of himself and his relatives.

Along with Wilbur and Dave, other artists whose work were displayed include Simeon Adelbai, Ignatio Akiwo, Kanoelani Foy, Miel Sequeira-Holm, Joselita “Ado” Imetuker, Maecey Jenkins, Ngirachermang “Erm” Polloi, Holly Nolan, Bernardino Rdulaol, Iesha Klamiokl Tulop, Richard “Rich” Silmai, Keiza Ungiang Tulop, and Roman Ray Omengkar.

According to their biographies which are displayed next to their artwork, a lot of the artists displayed their interest in art at a young age then continued to develop and hone their skills.

One of the spectators of the art exhibition mentioned that there should be more art shows put together to display the skills of Palauan artists.

More than 50 people visited the art exhibition held in the Olbiil Era Kelulau building. The art exhibition will remain open to the public until October 4th. People can go between 12pm to 5pm.

This art exhibition was put together by a group called Create Belau, the 26th Independence Day Organizing Committee, and Koror State Government Department of State and Cultural Affairs.

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