Surangel&Sons Construction Company rebuilds Angaur Dock

Reconstruction of the Angaur dock is underway, following heavy damages the old dock sustained in a typhoon.

The Angaur Dock Improvement Project is receiving $2.3 million of Compact funding. Commissioned to complete the project is Surangel&Sons Construction Company.

Angaur State Governor Kennosuke Suzuky says that the construction is about halfway done.

“So far the project has lasted for six months,” said Governor Suzuky. “Right now, we’re looking at another six months until it’s finished.”

The currents around Angaur are notoriously strong. Throughout the year, bad weather frequently prevents vessels from safely docking. Typhoons often cause flooding damage to the land in Ngaramasch, where the harbor is located.

“In every big storm, the water will wash right into the street,” said one Angaur resident. “Anything that isn’t tied down floats from the harbor up onto the land.”

Part of the ongoing project is the reinforcement of a seawall, which uses concrete tetrapods to reduce the force of the waves against the coast. This is meant to make transportation and docking within the harbor easier, and to protect the land around the harbor.

“The project is most important to keep our harbor safe,” said Governor Suzuky. “We don’t want what happened in the last big storm to happen again. We want our island and our homes safe.”

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