Surangel Worldwide Travel Corporation is currently arranging for more charter flights to repatriate foreigners from Palau.

Several  Chinese nationals were lined up yesterday to pay for their airfare before the August 13 deadline.

The minimum requirement for the special charter flight is 100 passengers and so far over 100 have paid for their seats on the plane, which accommodates a maximum of 230 passengers.

Some of the Chinese are leaving on this flight because they do not have jobs, some are leaving because they want to reunite with their families, while others are being deported.

According to their Facebook Page, the flight is scheduled to arrive on  September 14.

The travel agency is also working on a second charter flight coming from the Philippines to pick up stranded foreigners.

The travel agency said that those who are interested can register on their Facebook page before the deadline.

Similar to the Chinese passengers, the Filipinos who registered for the flight have been displaced or have lost their jobs and want to return home to be reunited with their families.

A hundred passengers are required for this flight to occur, with tickets priced at $599. It will be cancelled if it does not meet this minimum requirement. The flight can accommodate a maximum of 180 passengers, with the ticket prices lowering to $399.

Once the minimum of required passengers has been met, an email will be sent to the passengers to inform them about the collection of payment.

The flight must be paid for before it arrives. In the event that the price for the flight has not been met, the charter flight will be canceled and passengers will be refunded. 

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