Over the years, local companies and agencies have continuously and generously donated to PICRC’s Annual Arts and Tides Calendar. This year, Dolphins Pacific joins the group of donators to the calendar. In efforts to highlight all the generous donations of the 2017 Arts and Tides calendar, PICRC would like to acknowledge Dolphins Pacific for their generous donation of $500 towards the calendar; a first, but surely not the last, for Dolphins Pacific.


When asked why they decided to donate, they expressed that the calendar encourages participating children in the opportunity to express their artwork through each year’s theme. They would also like to continue to support the calendar because it showcases the amazing minds of young Palauans and it is something worth supporting. Finally, Dolphins Pacific Company President, Hiroyuki Tanaka, is currently the Vice-Chair of the PICRC Board of Directors so they feel that it is only appropriate to do so.

In addition to becoming a supporter of PICRC’s annual calendar, Dolphins Pacific is also active in the education of children. Since 2008, Dolphins Pacific runs a Summer Marine Awareness Program (SMAP) for two different age groups. The purpose of their program is twofold; 1) to provide activities that children can take part in to learn and enjoy, and 2) to teach the importance of Palau’s marine life and its ecosystems and reiterate the importance of the 4Rs – Reuse, Recycle, Reduce, and Respect the environment.

Dolphins Pacific opened its doors on November 7, 2001, and has been in operations for 15 years now. It was the vision of Dolphins Pacific Chairman, Mr. Hideo Joe Morita (initial funding source) to provide a facility for the People of Palau, and for people of all ages, from all countries visiting Palau to come and enjoy and appreciate Palau’s resources and environment. Dolphins Pacific would like to thank their staff and supporters for their commitment and dedication to the company in ensuring their doors remain open all year round.

PICRC would like to thank Dolphins Pacific for their generous donation and look forward to building a stronger partnership for the future. To learn more about the Annual Arts and Tides Calendar and inquire about how to become a donor, please visit www.picrc.org or call 488-6950. [/restrict]