By: L.N. Reklai

Presidential Proclamation 17-207, proclaims April 22, 2017 as National Earth Day themed “Environmental and Climate Literacy”.

The proclamation states that humanity is facing tremendous global challenges affecting every community, degradation of eco-systems, mass extinction of species and global climate change.


It calls for preparation of a nation to withstand inevitable impacts of climate change, to build resilient communities with protected lands and waters.

Expanding environmental education and climate literacy is vital to enhance environmental awareness,  inform decision-making and protect future generations.

The proclamation, encourage participation of all as individuals, families and communities to safeguard the nation’s natural environment against global challenges.

With the proclamation, activities marking Earth day and raising awareness started on Wednesday with Rock Island Clean up at Ngereblobang and tree planting Thursday in Ngaraard. Other on-going activities include invasive species educational and clean-up programs, essays, art contests, battery drive, walkathon, and Green Fair.

The events will all lead up to the Earth Day which is Sunday and all put into action the theme of environmental and climate literacy (Omesodel a Lukel a Klengar er Kid me a Ngedechel a Eltel a Beluulechad).

Earth Day 2017 events and activities are organized by number of government agencies and NGOs. [/restrict]