PTHSE Tourism Club and Ngatpang State Legislator John Techitong coordinated and planned an Earth Day event that was held at Kokusai, Ngatpang on April 24th, 2021.

This event was a collaboration between Ngara Ius Youth Organization from Ngatpang and PCC PTHSE Tourism Club.

154 plants were planted all over Kokusai area in Ngatpang State as part of the Earth Day commemoration. The PCC PTHSE Tourism Club was accompanied by members of Ngara Ius Youth Organization, Legislator John Techitong, Van Ray Tadao, Floor Leader Miwa “Tant” Nabeyama, Lise Elobet, Cole Ngiraked Rengulbai, Renguul Ngiraiechol, and Errol Sintaro.

With luck on their side, the club was blessed with a perfect sunny weather for the tree planting event; moreover, the club was fortunate enough to be accompanied by one of Palau’s plant expert, Legislator Van Ray Tadao.

Mr. Tadao gave a presentation about global warming issues, soil sedimentation issues, different plants species and the importance of planting trees.

The club birthed a partnership with Ngara Ius Youth Organization and will be together again in the near future.

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