An earthquake of an unknown magnitude occurred at around 6:28pm on Sunday southwest of Koror at the depth of about 31 miles.

The quake was felt by many folks. Even though it mildly shook things up, it occurred when most people were home on early Sunday evening.

People were posting whether or not it was an earthquake or something else they felt.  One poster on social media asked, “Was that an earthquake or a bomb?” 

A public notice that was issued after the event said that no action was needed and there was no tsunami warning for Palau.

Palau has not had a recorded earthquake that caused damage but has experienced other natural disasters such as typhoons and heavy rains that caused landslides and other substantial damages.  On Saturday, due to heavy rains, a major landslide occurred at Techudech, Aimeliik blocking the Compact Road.

The blockage was cleared on the same day, and the traffic was restored, but landslide occurrences have become more frequent in recent years, causing expensive damages to public infrastructures and private properties.

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