APIA, 19 JANUARY 2017 (TALAMUA ONLINE) — Samoa’s Minister of Education, Loau Solamalemalo Keneti Sio has apologised to the parents and students whose exam results were affected by what he called “a human error.”

Speaking on SamoaFM Radio, Loau said the provisional results should not have been released by the Ministry and the errors should have been corrected before they were released.


The errors occurred mainly with the Year 13 end of year results and will impact on the progress of students moving to university this year.

Loau told SamoaFM Radio that the errors have been identified and now corrected and he welcomes any parents and students who still have queries and complaints.

He also said that the final results will be released this Friday, 20 January to prepare for the start of the new school year.

In apologising, he said that every parent is hurt when things like this happen as every parent cares for their child’s future.

“It’s a human error and I ask for your understanding and continuing support,” he said.

The Minister also hinted at doing away with Internal Assessments (IAs) which the students do with the help of others including their parents. “Most likely we will go back to the previous system where the students’ performance are rated on the raw marks obtained from the exam.”

The errors as surfaced had some students scoring no marks for some subjects and some who did not sit specific subjects recording marks on their results.

The Minister has also warned the Ministry that there will be serious repercussions to staff if more mistakes surface after the final results are released this Friday.

The ACEO, National Examinations Assessment, Funeali’i Luma’ava So’o’aemalelagi told Talamua that the system is expected to be perfected by 2018.

Similar examination errors have been a feature of the system since 2014…. PACNEWS [/restrict]