Members taking a group photo together with the TTM expert, Ms. Bernice Sidoi next to the TTM Sinage

The Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) recently invited Ngaramaiberel not only to a take tour at their facility, but also to learn new techniques on how to plant and maintain crops such as fruit trees, vegetables, taros, etc. This field trip took place on the 30th of July, 2020 departing from Palau Community College at 8:30am and return from TTM 3:00pm. There were about 42 participants that attended the field trip.

These activities are part of an ongoing effort to address Food Security issues and revival of taro patch farms in Palau through the Taiwan Techncal Mission (TTM), Palau Community Action Agency (PCAA), and Palau Community College Extention Program (PCC-CRE).

The Ngaramaiberel Project consists of 2 project sites which are located at Ngermid and  Meyuns. The project was made possible through a grant funded by the SGP-Small Grants Program, technical assistance from USAID, and JM Services. The Ngaramaiberel has forcused on developing adaptation measures for agriculture, specifically for taro (lowland) farms experiencing salt-water intrusion and crop farming on upland areas with poor soil conditions.

These initiatives are intended to help sustain the production of local crops, many of which are central to traditional Palauan diets.

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