The National Emergency Committee announced yesterday that the repatriated citizens who arrived from Guam, along with the essential workers from Taiwan, have been tested negative for COVID-19.

According to the National Emergency Committee, if the essential workers test negative for COVID-19, they will be released from quarantine to begin work.

However, they are still subject to what is called a “quarantine in place” for 7 more days, which means they are only allowed to be at their assigned place of residence and their workplace.

Additionally, they must wear masks at all times, and if their tests come out negative on day 14 they will be allowed to move freely in the community.

Meanwhile, the 81 repatriated citizens will remain in quarantine for another week, then test again for COVID-19 on day 14. If the results come out negative they will be released.

Some who are in quarantine have expressed their relief about their negative results.

One quarantined resident said, “I feel relieved, of course, not only for me but for everyone involved in this quarantine. Everyone’s safety and health matters, especially at a time like this.”

Another said, “I felt blessed that my results are negative in my first testing. However, I give credit to the government of Palau, and hope for my second and third testing results to remain negative.”

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