Calls for Aimeliik Special election

Palau Election Commission has certified the 20th Ngiwal Legislature election results. A total of nine (9) ran for seven (7) seats.  The total registered voters of Ngiwal State is 752, but only 335 cast their votes, 45% of registered voters.

Leading the votes was Bolton Tengoll with 243 votes, followed by Russel Masayos with 237, Hideki Takataro with 216, and Ilabsis Ngirakesau with 213.  Others are Emilia “Emy” Katosang with 195, Manaseh Temol with 185, and Asaria Timarong with 184.

In related news, Palau Election Commission issued a notice of a Special Election for a legislator of Imul hamlet of Aimeliik State. The election will take place on September 2, 2022, and nominating petitions are being accepted.

The position of Imul Legislator became vacant due to the untimely passing of former Legislator Jason Techur Timulch this year.

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