The Embassy of Japan in Palau in its efforts to promote mutual understanding between the people of Japan and Palau, organized special visits to the Embassy by private and public Elementary School students on March 14 and 16, during the Education Awareness Week. A total of 58 students from Maristella, Melekeok, Ngaraard and Ngerchelong Elementary Schools participated in this activity.


The students learned general information about Japan, its history with Palau, present relations between Japan and Palau and scholarship information. The Embassy of Japan hopes that these student visits helped raise their interest in and understanding of Japanese culture and language and similarities with Palauan culture and language.  Furthermore, in sharing the information on available scholarships offered by the Government of Japan, the Embassy of Japan hopes that the students will take interest in continuing their education in Japan after high school.

Just in time for the celebration of the Hina Matsuri or Doll Festival, which is celebrated on March 3, the Embassy of Japan had a beautiful display of miniature dolls with peach blossoms and other traditional ornaments to show to the students. Hina Matsuri is special for girls as it is a season to pray for the happiness and health of girls in the family.  Similar to the Doll festival, there is also a special day for boys celebrated on May 5 every year.

The Embassy of Japan thanks the Ministry of Education and all the Elementary schools which participated and hopes that the students have gained more understanding about Japan through this activity.     [/restrict]