Koror, Palau— On Tuesday, March 21, 2017 The Chairman of the Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC) Board of Directors, Mr. Sam Masang, PPUC CEO Mr. Kione Isechal, the Minister of Public Infrastructure, Industries and Commerce Mr. Charles Obichang and JICA Resident Representative Mr. Nobuaki Miyata signed the Official Records of Discussion on the Project for Study of Upgrading and Maintenance of the National Electrical Power Grid.


The Records of Discussion is an official document specifying the project that leads into the implementation of this development aid from Japan. The purpose of this technical assistance from Japan is to upgrade and enhance Palau’s aging national electrical power grid in order to provide efficient and reliable energy services to include proper integration of suitable renewable energy.

Basic concepts of the project include:

1) Improvement of the operation and maintenance of the power grid;

2) Rehabilitation of the aged electrical equipment/hardware;

and 3)Construction of new substations and transmission/distribution lines to include re-alignment of the power poles in Babeldaob onto the Compact Road.

This improvement project will help minimize power outages, system losses, and other disturbances such as transient faults, fluctuations, and spikes. The project will further develop a Road Map that allows the introduction and integration of grid-connected renewable energy supporting the Republic’s target goal of increasing the use of renewable energy to 45 percent by year 2025. In June of this year, the Government of Japan will hire the qualified consultants for this project with implementation expected in July 2017. #ppuc#nationalgridproject/[/restrict]