Life really begins at forty. Up until then you are just doing research.  ~CARL JUNG

Growth is painful because it’s  practically going against the grain. Especially after being that way for 35+ years. Nevertheless, it’s doable and it’s up to you. It happens beginning with self-awareness. You can’t correct what you don’t perceive to be wrong. You can’t see wrong without a mirror.  You need a mirror to make changes. This is where the law comes in. We are to love others as we are loved. In other words, YOU CANNOT TREAT PEOPLE LIKE GARBAGE and WORSHIP GOD OF LOVE AT THE SAME TIME.

Someone shared a wonderful  story of forgiveness. I love these kinds of stories. I was so absorbing the story  when another deflected that made me run away.

Deflection is one of the characters of narcissistic individuals.  They’re so critical  like a thief in the night that comes to steal your joy, kill your enthusiasm that is inspired by the Holy Spirit. They are intent on destroying your life, your  relationship with GOD and each other. They can’t stand your joy and strength so they’ll bully you, criticize you and demonize you  because they think they’re superior, always blaming and deflecting.  Ngdiua a obom chelbangel a kelem engii bol dechor el chemochem a kelem me kau.  Ngdiak lolchesuar leng ngoumerang elkmo ngmedengei e ngarbab e ungil besul and etc.

When you see the sign of toxic ☠️ environment, RUN.

Another sign of emotional intelligence is self-regulate. How you react to outside stimulus will tell you if are stronger than you were yesterday.  A friend told me years ago, “When others throw stones at you, use them to build staircase and move up– grow up.

A toxic person is anyone whose behavior adds negativity and upset to your life. Many times, people who are toxic are dealing with their own stresses and traumas. Actually it is mental disorder. Look at their demeanor they’re so unhappy, arrogant and full of contempt.  These are the type of people who would have no problem telling Jesus that sonething is wrong with his amazing grace. Lol 

We can’t change people so let go and let God.

God can take the mistakes of your past and use them to transport you to a better future.

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