Global Cooperation & Training Framework(GCTF), a cooperation between the Republic of China-Taiwan, the United States of America and Japan with co-hosts from Canada, hosted an online conference on women empowerment, “Road to Parity: Women’s participation in public life”.

The online conference brought in several inspirational women that have put their names into the heat of political races and won seats in their respective governments broke the glass ceiling and blazed trails for women who wished to become public servants.

The speakers and moderators shared their thoughts on why women should be in public office, challenges that they will face before and during, and after their terms.  They also shared successes and lessons learned.  Local women at the virtual conference sought to increase more training, including pursuing the “She Leads” program.

Jenny Bloomfield, Chief Representative of the Australian Office in Taipei, Sandra Oudirk, director of American Institute in Taiwan, Hsiao-Wei Kuan, moderator, and member of the Board of Directors and Foundation for Women’s Rights Promotion and Development. 

Panel speakers included Erika Moritsugu, Deputy Assistant to the president and Asian American and Native Hawaiian Pacific islander Senior Liason, and Rona Ambrose, former leader of Canada’s Official Opposition n the House of Commons and Conservative party.

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