A video of an elderly and handicapped woman being verbally and physically abused that was shared this week on social media is under investigation according to Vice President and Minister of Justice J. Uduch Sengebau-Senior.

The video is being widely shared on Messenger and WhatsApp media platforms and is raising strong responses from the public.  The reports say that the incident on the video took place in Ngkeklau, Ngaraard.

The video shows a woman yelling at an elderly and handicapped woman sitting on the ground and pushing her head down in anger.

“It hurts to watch,” said one social media commenter.  The abuse of the elderly is a social taboo in Palau and although not common, still happens but is rarely reported.

Reports from sources say that the elderly have been removed from the house and relocated but no information is out yet of whether an arrest has been made.

An officer assigned to the enforcement of the Family Protection Act is handling this particular case. One of the challenges faced by FPA (Family Protection Act) implementation is the lack of facilities available for use as safe houses in this type of case explained Vice President Sengebau when queried about the case.

Earlier this year, President Whipps announced plans to construct a step-down facility.  The step-down facility was proposed to be built at the hospital to house elderly or handicapped that do not have a home or caretaker or proper facility.

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