The Ministry of Education is finalizing plans to shift to  year-round school  next 2022-2023 school year, 

In an interview, Minister Dale Jenkins said in the year-round schooling, students start school in  August, and will have several two- to three-week mini-breaks throughout the year. 

“It’s basically a change in the vacation periods. Whereas the traditional calendar starts in August or September, goes to December has a short Christmas break. And then goes until May and June, we’re gonna have a long summer break. So the idea of this is we take the summer break, and we break it up into different times during the school year during the rest of the school year. And we call them quarterly intercessions,” Mr. Jenkins said.

Minister Jenkins said the year-round calendar classes can prevent burnout from both teachers and staff with more frequent breaks. 

 “I  look upon that’s like a marathon race. You start off and you’re pacing yourself, being very careful pacing yourself, so you don’t burn out, then you got the Christmas break. And then you pace yourself again,” he added. 

Mr. Jenkins said students can also have the chance to take remediation classes during breaks, both beneficial to the students and teachers.

Those breaks aren’t really breaks. Those breaks are opportunities for us to offer additional programs. It can be programs that maybe don’t fit into the normal school day.,” he said.

He said the new system will remain at 180-day school calendar. It’s the same number, just divided differently.” 

Minister Jenkins said both the Executive Branch and the Olbiil Era Kelulau are supportive of the new system which will be rolled out in the public schools, but the ministry is also encouraging private schools to adopt the  year-round classes. 

I/ve been very, very pleased with how supportive everybody has been. I know we have a lot of things we need to work on, as every ministry does. And I’ve been very happy with the team we have here has been very supportive,’ he stressed. 

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