The Palau Environmental Quality Protection Board is pleased to introduce its new Assistant Executive Officer, Mr. Michael Blesam. EQPB has been without an Assistant Executive Officer for about 6 years, and Mr. Blesam’s appointment comes at an opportune time for the EQPB Office, given the increase in permit applications. In this new role, Mr. Blesam will work to connect private businesses, governments, communities, and individuals to the services that EQPB provides.


Mr. Blesam has been with EQPB for almost 20 years starting as a Compliance Officer and most recently held the position of Compliance Supervisor. Prior to joining EQPB in 1998, Mr. Blesam worked as a Police Officer for the Bureau of Public Safety.

The extensive knowledge and leadership experience he has gained throughout his time at EQPB makes him a valuable asset to the EQPB team and ensures that EQPB continues to serve the public effectively.  In his first meeting with the EQPB staff, Mr. Blesam stated that he will continue to work to help strengthen the EQPB office to provide better service to the people of Palau.

In his minimal spare time, Mr. Blesam can be found out and about in the ocean either fishing or taking care of his clam farm.   [/restrict]