On October 19, 2017-The Embassy of Japan is pleased to announce this year’s Youth Ambassadors to attend the High School students Island Summit on World Tsunami Awareness Day 2017. This is the second year of this summit to be held in Okinawa from November 7-8, 2017. The selected Youth Ambassadors from Palau are Mr. O’Keef Kokichi, Iramk Sungino, Charles Jake Patris, Dinaly Remoket, Dawn Rechelulk and Melemalt Benedict who will be accompanied by Mr. Josh Kubarii, a Teacher from Mindszenty High School.  Last year Palau High school students participated in the first summit held in Kuroshio Town in Kochi Prefecture.


The purpose of the summit is to give opportunities for youth around the world to learn about the threat of tsunami and precautionary measures against it. About 150 high school students from 25 island countries which have similar natural environments as Japan and 104 students from Japan will be attending the summit.

The students will participate in field work, discussions and lectures related to disaster risk reduction and prevention efforts. They will also visit the Tsunami Stones, Memorial monument for the Victims of the Great Tsunami of Meiwa, Banna Observation Deck and Yaeyama High School. Other summit activities include evacuation drills and cultural exchange with students of Okinawan high schools.

The General Assembly meeting will be on November 8, 2017. On this day all participating schools will do their presentations based on themes related to Disaster Prevention and Mitigation. The theme for the Mindszenty high school students’ presentation is “Learning from our past to protect our future”.  The students will be sharing what they learned about past natural disaster cases in Palau and propose action plans on what they can do as students to help reduce the impact of natural disasters to human life and properties.

The Youth Ambassadors for World Tsunami Awareness Day program is organized by Okinawa Prefecture Government and Okinawa Prefectural Board of Education and co-organized by United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction office in Japan.  It is supported by the following organizations: National Resilience Promotion Headquarters; Cabinet Office, Government of Japan; Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan; Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology; Japan Meteorological Agency; Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and with the cooperation of ANA Holdings Inc.

For more information please visit the following links for Okinawa Prefecture Homepage http://www.pref.okinawa.jp/site/chijiko/kohokoryu/foreign/english/index.html  and http://www.unisdr.org/2017/tsunamiday/  UNISDR Homepage. For detailed information about the Tsunami Awareness Day event please visit the following link: http://www.okinawa-congre.co.jp/tsunami-summit2017/en/index.html [/restrict]