The bill calling for establishing an Office of the National Security Coordinator to promote the security of Palau has been endorsed for third reading.
With this bill, the Senate Legal Counsel has also advised the Senate Committee On Judiciary and Governmental Affairs that the National Security Advisor role is not deemed subject to conformation as the position is “only advisory and communicative.”
The committee agreed with the findings and stated that while the National Security Coordinator position is important, “ it does not fall into the traditional legal definition of an officer of the national government.”
Senate Bill 11-71 eyes a centralized National Security Office led by the coordinator.
It said that the office is much needed since Palau faces “ greater and more complex” challenges from cybercrime, transnational crime, and increasingly aggressive instances of “malign foreign influences.”
The bill said that the task of the office of the National Security Coordinator is to develop, maintain and update a comprehensive national security strategy and support and encourage implementation of the strategy.
The office will also be responsible for the coordination of activities and responsibilities of the Republic’s security and law enforcement agencies.
The coordinator will also serve as a primary advisory for national security issues, including defense and security cooperation.
The coordinator will also serve as a point of contact for foreign military officials undertaking exercises, missions, and visits.
The US has had an enhanced presence in the country since 2020.
In June last year, the Patriot air defense missile system blasted from Palau as part of the Valiant Shield exercise. (Island Times)

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