Palau Sailing Association happily accepted the donation of two Optimist sailing dinghies and two zodiac rescue boats from Japan Sailing Association yesterday in a brief ceremony with Japan’s Ambassador Hiroyuki Orikasa.
“I am so excited to see the continued progress of the Palau Sailing Association with Palau youth sailors continuing in training to compete in the Olympics,” expressed Sam Scott, President of Palau Sailing Association. He said he wanted to see Palau youth sailors join the Olympics in Paris in 2024 and “definitely for the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics.”
This was not the first time Japan Sailing Association donated sailing boats to Palau. It donated twenty Optimist sailing dinghies in 2019.
Optimist dinghies are popular sailing boats built for one to two persons, perfect for training young people in the art of sailing.
Sam Scott said they were expecting a sailing expert to come and help train the young people in March in anticipation of the visit of young sailors from Japan in April.
“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Japan, JICA, and the Embassy of Japan in Palau have been supporting and contributing to the promotion of mutual respect and mutual understanding between Japan and Palau…Our goal is for these activities to strengthen the ties of goodwill and friendship between Japan and Palau,” Ambassador Orikasa said of the continued support and interaction between Palau and Japan’s sailing youth and the strengthening of the sailing program in Palau.
Attending the event were members of the Palau Sailing Association, Frank Kyota – President of the Palau National Olympics Committee, Chief Ngirchongor, Chief Ray Mechol of Education, traditional sailing trainer, and others involved in the promotion of sailing boats in Palau.

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