YAP (PACIFIC ISLAND TIMES) —China’s growing tentacles are crawling into Yap, former Governor Henry Falan said, alleging that the communist nation’s cash-splashing spree has influenced the state’s political affairs.

In an open letter to U.S President Joe Biden, Falan said Beijing has created a “boxing ring” in Yap, “pitting leaders against leaders and citizens against citizens with proposals for large commercial developments that will overwhelm us.”

Falan, who has repeatedly warned against China’s proposed massive development proposal for Yap, was impeached by the Yap Legislature in December.

“We are now left with internal bullying, corruption, and no accountability by a faction among our leaders who are influenced and backed by foreigners,” Falan wrote in his letter to Biden.

When he was elected governor in November 2018, Falan opposed the blueprints for the 10,000-room resort facility project proposed by China’s ETG.

“Those plans were aggressively imposed upon us, and steps were taken to influence leaders in our community to promote them with gifts of money and travel,” Falan said.

“The myth of this proposed development is continuing to be perpetuated by a tyranny of experts who are attempting to impose a top-down corporate model that ignores critical community-based, relevant reviews and approval, thus overriding the wishes, wants and needs of Yap’s citizens as indicated by the results of the 2018 election,” the former governor said.

“I was subsequently removed from office without trial for fabricated assertions by my adversaries in that election for the same reason I was elected,” he added…..PACNEWS

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