A family spent a day with the elderly at the Palau Old Age Center in Koror on Tuesday afternoon, October 20, bringing along 30 boxed lunches with them.
Queen Benhart, Elmer Iyar, Sabeth Iyar, and Rosania Iyar, said they spent the evening before and the morning of cooking the assortment of lunches, which included burgers with fruits, vegetables, and dessert.
Ms. Benhart, who was celebrating her birthday, said that she hopes this gesture will “open the door” for Palauans to spend more of their time and resources to look after the elderly, something which she says is a crucial part of Palauan culture.
“If you can give, you should give,” said Ms. Benhart, “especially to our old folks. It doesn’t matter if they’re your relatives, it’s our responsibility to look after our elderly as part of our community.”

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