On December 20, 2021. The family of the late President Kuniwo Nakamura had an unveiling ceremony for his statue in Peleliu State, which was donated by the Republic of China (Taiwan) government. Ambassador Jessica Lee was invited to attend the ceremony. Paramount High Chief Reklai, Governor of Peleliu State Temmy Shmull, Governor elected of Peleliu Dr. Emias Roberts, High Chief of Peleliu Obak also attended the ceremony.

Ambassador Jessica Lee mentioned in her remarks that LatePresident Nakamura is a visionary leader who led the transformation of Palau from a treaty trust territory to a sovereign state and also led Palau to emerge onto the international stage. Late President Nakamura and his delegation decided to establish a diplomatic tie with the Republic of China (Taiwan) based on the shared values of democracy, freedom, prosperity, and human rights. Our relations have grown stronger ever since. President Nakamura’s legacy will always be remembered and honored by the both Taiwan and Palau people.

High Chief Relai especially thanks to Taiwan government for this statue in memory of late President Nakamura’s achievement and contribution to his beloved country and people. His commitment to the diplomatic tie to Taiwan will always be honored.

Governor Shmull also states that since we established the diplomatic tie on December 29, 1999, the cornerstone of the relations for the two countries stay strong solid is because of our shared values of democracy and freedom.

Thank you, President Nakamura, for your wise decision. Taiwan will always stand strong with Palau as we help each other through thick and thin.

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