On 22 December, a handover ceremony of Japanese high-performance cooler boxes was held at Belau Offshore Fishers Incorporated (BOFI) in Koror. The ceremony was attended by Ambassador Karasawa, BOFI President Mr. Techitong and its members. Officials from Fisheries Agency of Japan (FAJ) and its partners also attended the ceremony online from Tokyo.

The fish boxes were invented by Mr. Miura, Managing Director of Taste World Co. Ltd., and manufactured by Fukui Fibertech Co. Ltd., in cooperation with FAJ. The first prototype was handed over to the JR-5 Central Market and demonstration tests were conducted with the cooperation of the Market. After almost a year, the second prototype, nicknamed “Daijob”, has been completed with many improvements including weight reduction and greater usability for fishermen. The boxes were handed over from the Ambassador to BOFI for further tests to achieve commercialization in the near future.

In the ceremony, Ms. Nakazato, Director of Overseas Fisheries Cooperation Office of FAJ, congratulated the ceremony and the project leader Mr. Miura explained the features of the new fish boxes. BOFI President Mr. Techitong expressed his gratitude for the fisheries cooperation projects by Japan. Ambassador Karasawa expressed his hope that BOFI contribute to further improvement of the boxes, adding, “Japan will continue to support development of fisheries in Palau.”


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