By Francis Talasasa, Reporter

Renowned Healing Priest of Catholic Church Father Fernando Suarez will visit Palau, on a mission to conduct healing masses on November 9 and 10 at the sacred heart Church.


Father Suarez, a Filipino Catholic Priest who performs faith healings in the Philippines and all over the world is graduated with a degree in chemical engineering at Adam University in Manila before pursuing a career to become a Priest up until today.

Father Suarez went to Canada in 1995 where he joined the companion of the cross and was ordained as a priest in 2002 at the age of 35.

In New York,  he served as an associate Pastor of Saint Timothy’s Parish for 8 years before he left for  the Apostolic Vicariate of San Jose in the Philippines under the leadership of Bishop Prelate Antonio Palang who assigned him to an impoverished community of LLin island located south of occidental Mindoro Island at his (Father Suarez) request.

It was during his service at that time when he became the founder of  Mary Mother of the Poor Foundation (MMP). Father Suarez was widely recognized for his role in the community and was given support with many donations. He was pleased by recognized organizations and was given an award for his religious service.

His MMP foundation rolled out opportunities to a wider populace through a number of project assistance including livelihood and economic projects, scholarship and youth evangelization, feeding programs and Healing ministry. [/restrict]