The multi-million fiber optic project that will bring Palau faster and cheaper Internet by 2018, is proceeding to plan with a scheduled “groundbreaking” ceremony today  for the landing station in Ngaremlengui State.


Johvanna Yaoch, board member of the Belau Submarine Cable Corporation (BSCC) said in an email that the ground breaking ceremony for the cable landing station (CLS)” is a
monumental event as it marks the beginning of the construction of the cable landing station.”

She added,  “the CLS is the first physical structure that will be built in Palau and is one that signifies how close we are to the actual scheduled submarine cable landing date.

The submarine cable, she said,  will connect Palau will be brought in through the channel
in front of Ngaremlengui and laid all the way to the CLS.

Therefore,the initiation of the CLS construction is quite an important milestone
and a very exciting one for the country as it reminds us how close we are to the reality of having submarine cable connectivity, Yaoch explained.

The ceremony is scheduled at 10 a.m.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) which is funding the project through a concession loan earlier this month, said that the manufacturing of the fiber-optic cable and repeaters are complete.

ADB added that the actual laying of the submarine cable is scheduled to commence in June 2017.

The fiber optic is scheduled to be operational by January 2018.  [/restrict]