A 51-year old Filipino national was found unresponsive in front of NECO Plaza Gas Station after he purchased water and sat down to rest by the parking lot.  Ambulance transported him to Emergency Room at the Belau National Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The man, Emilio Nabutel, works for TOA Construction, a Japanese company contracted to construct the new landfill in Aimeliik.

Report said that Mr. Nabutel had been exercising at the PCC Track & Field and had crossed over to NECO to purchase water.

Police report said that there was no indication of foul play or body injuries to suggest foul play.  Mr. Nabutel is reported to have had hypertension problems.

With no flights to the Philippines, sources from the Philippine community in Palau said Mr. Nabutel’s remains will be buried at Palau’s catholic cemetary.

Filipino Community is holding a Vigil Novena for Mr. Nabutel on July 21, 2020 at 7pm at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

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