Bureau of Agriculture Welcomes Dr. Ryo Suzuki The Bureau of Agriculture has the pleasure of introducing our newest team member, Veterinarian Ryo Suzuki.

Dr. Suzuki studied at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology from April 2003 to March 2009.  Part of his education, Dr. Suzuki was a member of the research team that researched killer whale reproduction.

He has been a licensed Japanese veterinarian since April 2009 and a licensed Palau veterinarian since 2019.  As a licensed Japanese veterinarian, Dr. Suzuki’s work experience includes 8 years of meat inspection at Shibaura meat sanitary inspection station in Tokyo, Japan where he inspected over 20,000 pigs and 90,000 cows yearly.  He also made sure the slaughter house met the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point sanitation control standard of the Food and Drug Administration.  Dr. Suzuki is also experienced in analysis, outreach and presentation of zoonosis, which is infectious disease transmittable from non-human to human.

Suzuki also worked at the Palau Dolphins Pacific where he took great care of the dolphins’ diet plans, health conditions, dolphin feed preparation, room sanitation control and education & outreach to guests and staff both in English and Japanese language.

Since Dr. Suzuki joined BOA team, he has inspected all dispatched pig meat that go through the national slaughter house.  He also makes farm visits and responds to farm calls for sick or distressed animals.  Dr. Suzuki recently participated and completed an online course on African Swine Fever Preparedness for any transboundary animal disease.

BOA say they very fortunate to have a new member of the team with an extensive background and hope to expand the quality of work, production, inspection and overall operation of the livestock division.  (press release)

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