Hikers on trail to Jellyfish Lake.

Bureau of Tourism proudly announced that the Green Boots code of conduct and guidelines has been developed in partnership with the Palau Conservation Society for Palau. 

Green Boots is a guide for terrestrial tourism that encourages best practices and can potentially be a tool that is administered for training and certification. BOT’s Senior Compliance Specialist, Dave Orrukem is leading efforts to develop the Green Boots curriculum and training guide which will closely resemble Green Fins, a guide for best practices in marine-based tourism. 

The Ministry of Education will be a key partner for the integration and successful implementation of these tools.

The Green Boots has been endorsed by the Palau Conservation Society, the Association of State PAN Coordinators, Ridge to Reef International Waters Program, Babeldaob Eco-Tourism Project with the Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Palau Visitors Authority, Bureau of Cultural and Historical Preservation, Sam’s Tours and the Belau Tourism Association. (press release)

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