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The Belau Youth Sports Festival commenced at the Palau Track and Field Association on Friday July 17th.

The opening of the Belau Youth Sports Festival had 160 participants ranging from ages 6 to 19. The 160 participants were divided into 5 teams which are Blue/ Europe, Yellow/Asia, Black/Africa, Green/ Oceania, and Red/ America representing the 5 colors of the Olympic rings.

The first day featured the marching of the athletes, oath of athletes and officials, 100-meter dash, high jump preliminaries, as well as opening remarks from the President of Palau National Olympic Committee Frank Kyota.

During his speech to the athletes, Kyota stated that “this is the time to make friends, get to know yourselves and others, and create new network and friendship that is very important to you as you grow older. I want you to learn something new every day and use those talents to improve your life and situation with others.”

At 5:00 pm to 6:30pm, the young participants took part in the 100-meter dash and the high jump. Taking 1st at the 100-meter dash preliminaries for girls ages 14-16 was Fantasia BelbultRubasch a team member of the Black/Africa.

Coming on top of the 100-meter dash preliminaries for girls ages 17-19 was IkelauMisech representing Red/America. While Mary Claire Otei who was also a member of Red/America took the top spot for the high-jump finals for girls ages 13-16.

While for the boys, Emery Koyven a member of the Yellow/ Asia emerged on top during the 100-meter dash preliminaries for ages 14 to 16. Then Dolmers Iyar representing Green/Oceania got the top spot during 100-meter dash for boys ages 16 to 19.

The Belau Youth Sports Festival will reach its conclusion on July 25th. Some of the sports include baseball, wrestling, volley ball, swimming, and more.

The Youth Sports Festival is hosted by various national sports federations, Palau NOC, with support from Bureau of Youth Affairs, Applied Arts and Career and Koror State Governors Office and Koror State Youth Division and KSYC.

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