The Palau Sailing Association and Japan Palau Youth Sailing Club and Koror State Government held its first OP Dinghy race in Palau with a total of fourteen kids from Palau and two kids from Japan, a total of sixteen (16) Sailors all together. 

The race was a two-days event on 1 April and 2 April (Saturday and Sunday) at Skojio era Meyuns. Without the full wind as wanted, the sailors had enough wind to get in about 8 races for the two days. They learned more about how to set up the racecourse and how to prepare sailors for the course.

In January of this year, Japan Sailing Association donated 2 OPTIMIST sailing dinghies to Palau Sailing Association.  Japan Sailing Association also donated 20 such dinghies in 2019.

Optimist dinghies are popular sailing boats built for one to two persons, perfect for training young people in the art of sailing.

Joining the sailing race were two youths from Japan, Mr. Mitsuki Serizawa and Ms. Shimano Tatsuno and the Palau Sailing Association expressed its appreciation for coming to Palau to join the race and connect with Palau sailing youths.

“Our goal is for these activities to strengthen the ties of goodwill and friendship between Japan and Palau,” Ambassador Orikasa said of the continued support and interaction between Palau and Japan’s sailing youth and the strengthening of the sailing program in Palau during the January turnover of the 2 OP dinghies.

Palau Sailing Association expressed its gratitude to the following partners who helped made it possible for them to host the event:  Governor Rudimch for giving us permission to use Skojio era Meyuns and Meyuns Youth Center as venue, Mr. Kouta Fujiki, President of Japan Palau Youth Sailing Club and Ngironger Ricky Mechol for continued support in making sailing possible in Palau and to have this close relationship between Palau and Japanese youth sailors.  Palau Shipping, Matson and Triple B Forwarders allowing for the use their big buoys to mark the course for the young sailors.

PSA extends a big Thank You to all the parent volunteers, friends and supports who came out to support the race as well as the officers of the Palau Sailing Association, especially the introduction of the traditional sailing canoes to all the sailors from Palau and Japan.

The Palau Sailing Association recognizes their guest from Japan who came to Palau just to race and connect with our Palau Sailing Youths.  They said they look forward to seeing them in Japan soon.

Palau Sailing is a new association in Palau and is currently organizing and planning for coaching and venue for full time training. Therefore, they are limited in training days and hours until they get two full time coaches.  For more information, please contact at:

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