U.S. Army Sgt. Florence Ruth Yangilmau is army soldier who came to Palau with the navy as a cultural liaison. She is probably the first Palauan in the U.S armed forces to be deployed here for work.

Ms.Yangilmau is the daughter of Mary Yangilmau and Thomas Patris. She grew up in Palau until she moved to Hawaii and attended KamuikiHigh School and from there joined the army.

The position of her job as a cultural liaison required a very specific application. The application required the applicant to be an engineer and a Palauan.

“A Chuukese friend of mine had planned to apply not knowing they had to be Palauan so they passed the application on to me” said Liaison Yangilmau.  “I went on to apply for it and here I am”. 

She has a daughter who loves Palau and is in the 2nd grade here. She was last here in Palau 3 years ago to visit her mom.

“I come to Palau every chance I get to see my mom and because my daughter loves it here. I arrived in July and will be staying until April. We were supposed to be here for a year but because of corona virus we came late.”

She will be here with the Navy conducting work and exercises.

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