Koror – JUNE 14, 2022- The Rubekul Belau’s (Palau Council of Chiefs) First Traditional Leaders’ Forum, themed “Resilient Palau” begins today at the Palau National Gymnasium, convening traditional leaders from all 16 states of the Republic of Palau.  Called to order by the Council of Chiefs, the forum is being held from 14-15 June 2022 giving the appropriate setting for all chiefs to meet and discuss the roles and duties of traditional leadership. The forum comes on the heels of a sunken domestic economy due to the coronavirus pandemic that has lasted over two years – the impacts of which have affected Palauan society in extraordinary ways in such a short span of time.

The forum will be facilitated by chiefs themselves in accordance with traditional procedures. Former President Johnson Toribiong, a former high chief, and a framer of the Palau Constitution will set the scene by giving a historical overview of the Council of Chiefs and their roles and responsibilities. Chief Tmekei Andrew Tabelual is Master of Ceremony while Chief Rebechong Ra Idung Joel Toribiong, Chief Mudelong Salvador Tellames, Chief Remerang Santy Asanuma are set to facilitate three key sessions discussing “Nurturing Resilient Communities”; “Protecting a Resilient Environment”; and “Building a More Resilient Economy” that are respective topics on the first day.

The second day in a fourth and final session, the chiefs will discuss the “Role of the Council of Chiefs in building a Resilient Palau” moderated by Former President Toribiong, rounding out forum dialogue that will guide the chiefs in identifying current challenges and solutions in post-pandemic recovery. 

The forum will document discussion and produce a final outcome report that will be presented at a closing reception on the final day of the forum. The outcome report will be distributed to traditional leaders and the government.

The First Rubekul Belau’s Traditional Leaders’ Forum is made possible by support from the community, the public and private sector and civil society. The forum will be broadcast LIVE on television, YouTube, and local radio.  

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