The Estate of George Kebekol, through its administrator Tikei Kebekol sued Koror State Government, the former Governor Franco Gibbons’s mother-in-law Benedicta Kebekol and others alleging breach of contract and intentional interference claiming damages of 40 million dollars.

The suit claimed that in November 2019, George Kebekol (now deceased) entered into a water/submerged land lease agreement with Koror State of an area of approximately 31,491 square meters adjacent to the island of Ngerchelngael, an island belonging to Mr. George Kebekol.

The lease was for the term of 50 years at $3.00 square meter or the amount of $94K a year with rent starting on January 1, 2022.  The rate will go up by 5% every 10 years.

According to the lawsuit, with the submerged lease agreements, Mr. Kebekol secured a lease of his island of Ngerchelngael along with a submerged lease for 40 million dollars.  Ngerchelngael is the site of the planned Four Seasons Resort.

Mr. Kebekol passed away in May of 2021 and in September 2021, Tikei Kebekol was appointed by the court as the Estate of George Kebekol’s administrator “with lawful authorities to manage and administer any and all of Plaintiff’s assets.”  The submerged leases are also part of the Estate.

The lawsuit alleges that on January 10, 2022, former Governor Gibbons entered into an agreement with his mother-in-law Benedicta Kebekol, amending the submerged water lease agreement between Koror State and George Kebekol, putting the lease under Benedicta Kebekol’s name as the representative of George Kebekol’s estate.

The claim alleges that Koror State breached its duty of good faith and fair dealing causing harm to the Estate of George Kebekol.  Further, it claimed that Benedicta Kebekol “falsely represented herself as Representative for the Plaintiff” to “induce” her son-in-law, then Governor of Koror State to enter into the Submerged Lease Amendment with her.

The suit claims that the “unlawful” actions have caused damages to the  Estate of George Kebekol for no less than 40 million dollars, the amount of the investment negotiated by George Kebekol before his passing.

The Estate of Kebekol demands compensation for damages in the amount that is no less than 40 million dollars including attorney’s fees and other associated costs. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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