Photo from Palau Visitors Authority Facebook Page

People attending the first Night Market, heldfour months after the Public Health Emergency restrictions were imposed, enjoyed the event, the music, the food and the crowd.

Held last Friday night atthe Airai State Recreational Park – KB Bridgewhich provided for a beautiful sea-side view, fresh air and wide-open space,people were able to spread out, walked around, sat by the water and enjoyed the sunset view with band.

Palau Visitors Authority Managing Director KadoiRuluked said that 1,150 people attended, most of which were local expats.  Food sales at various vendor booths did brisk business that night.  Vendors of other items such as gift items, souvenirs and others were there as well.

The usual fare of local talent and entertainment drew the crowd near the stage.  Many of the songs and the dances have been performed many times before but they still pulled in the crowd of locals and expats to enjoy.

PVA Chairman NgiraiTmetuchl said that they wanted to see the public reaction to this first event after COVID restrictions were relaxed and plan for the next one. 

Night markets conducted by Palau Visitors Authority have been held for many years to provide night time activity for visitors, showcasing Palauan arts and providing venue to local vendors and artists.  Declaration of Public Health Emergency and its restrictions in March of this year cause the event to be closed down.

The event was held at Airai State Recreational Park – KB Bridge since the regular venue at Ernguul Park in Koror is closed for renovation for Our Oceans 2020 Conference.

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